"Akousmata, micro monument in tribute to McLuhan" 

 The solid figure of justice, divided equally, leans disproportionately on a male triangle, a defined and limited channel which – while dominating – scatters the message.

No one will ever hear the sound of Marshall Mcluhan reading his own full lecture “The medium is the message” (ABC TV – 27/06/1977).

This sculpture, part of a larger project – at the time stopped for lack of funds – is the first of a series of objects designed and built around the concept of acoustic dissipation. In this case, the hyper multiplication of the output channels gears down the volume of the sound emitted, up to cancel it. Namely: an excess of spectators proportionally reduces the effectiveness of the message.
Here the tribute to the theories of McLuhan is very clear.

35 x 25 x 25cm – mixed materials – copies produced