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"Loopers”, 2015, ( audio - 2channels - 06'12" )


A sound art work inspired by the primary need for the conception of a work of art: it is mandatory to question myself about the meaning and necessity of my artistic expression. Most of the time I could say of my work that “everything makes sense, but it has no justification.” The tragedy of the Holocaust but also, more generally, every atrocity committed by humanity open wide doubts about the true nature of man. We were able to do everything and its opposite without learning from the horrors, as in a vicious circle. So I decided that this inner dispute had to be voiced in the form of dialogue, which would express the overlapping of antithetical tensions. So two imaginary interlocutors – in two different languages – chase themselves without ever reaching themselves in a round of sense-nonsense: What is the point – here, now, and especially for me – in doing an audio-work on a collective drama?

Dario Lazzaretto