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“Share a secret”


More than sixty kids (between 8 and 15 years) of Dalton School and Schoolvest in Dordrecht(NL) have answered anonimosly to these three question: What would you tell your parents? What would you say to adults in general? What would you say to the town of Dordrecht as if it was a real person? Their answers, hidden in the walls of Dordtyart, have been wispered by Jasper Mos (Councillor for Culture in Dordrecht) and Kate Keara Pelen (artist in residency). Eavesdropping the walls of the Dordtyart artspace visitors could spot the wispering and listen.


I’ve also developed a large visual work with found object, domestic appliances, toys and rackects. “share a secret” &  “the secret workshop”.  Three main installaton + a video on monitor compose the visual core of “Share a secret”. But somewhere else in there i’ve put hacked sound toys, morphed machineries, and many other object made in attempt to guide the visitors in a deceptive way, through my secret path, a path leading to the most hidden aural part of the work in the “secret workshop”, with the answers addressed to the parents, in the place where I’ve been growing and exploring the possibility of a daily studio practice in Dordtyart. A quite large graphic work made with the racket symbol completes and connects all the works together (even with Hully.rug, as much as the rackets are a symbol of youth). “…the un-heared secrets of growing creatures, placed in a rigid and competitive system which is pivoting them and rotating them as toy rackets on crazy spin. You cannot hear their voices. But the secrets of those childrens are whispered to the adults anyway. The voice of a powerfull whisper, like a massagging vibrators, is suggesting ideas for a new world: terraforming. The rackets keep running around and spin and pivot in any way. The massagging vibrators move the sand and create worlds. Both are perceptual estrangements, a sort of little hypnosis. But together they stand still on the wall, and they both stop the fooling (perhaps due to exhaustion) and together they create a shape… almost holy: the worship of opposites. On the “dead wall”, 4 trophys and a video (the spinning rackets’s intallation) symbolize our love for currupted reality. Will we be able to follow the secret path to an epiphany?”


Dario Lazzaretto