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“The sound of home”

This is the result of a workshop realized with ten girls (6 / 9 years) from the elementary schools in Metropolis (USA), with the precious help of John Romang, the art teacher. I asked them to imagine that they had to leave for a long journey, and they had to choose what to bring with them to “remember their house”. Then I explained to them how to use my digital recorder, and I asked them to record a sound which could been representing their memory of home. Then, I asked them to describe the reason for their choice, using 15 words. Last but not least, I’ve asked them to draw the sound which they have been recording.

Finally I’ve printed 3 copy of a vynil record (12″ – 180gr) 2 of them have been put on auction to raise found for the Elementary School of Metropolis and Paducah Art Alliance, which have helped me with this project. The last one contains also a piano sonata obtained converting in music (score) all sound recorded by the young girls*.

** about the score composition: I used an open source software for converting sounds into midi. I set the parameters to the song played on piano by Jocelyn and I have verified that score corresponded to that played in the recorded song. Then, using the same parameters, I used the same software to “sift” the recording of Metropolis, convert noises into sound , resulting in marking even of the harmonics. I then converted the score using an electronic piano, modulating the output file digitally to give a more tense narrative to the song.

Dario Lazzaretto