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"The blackboard series (1/2/3)"


"the idea of art"

"Akousmata - micro monument tribute to McLuhan"

"Share a secret"


"The sounds of my home"

"Global Fear Fun"

"Portable Cage Connection"

"Sound of thousand scratches"


"Alarm Mode"



"Detuning music creatures"



"Male Magnum"

"Voices for the invisibles"

"Words like stones"



"Wysiwyg trylogy"

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Workshops(teacher, argoument, place, year):

Teatro Officina Valdoca, Salernoinvita Residence, 2009;
Seijiro Murayama, vocal training, A+A Gallery, Venice, 2010;
Paolo Rosa/StudioAzzurro, digital media workshop, Padova, 2010;
Botto&Bruno, Theory seminary, Padova Contemporary Art Fair, 2010;
Toshi Ichianagi, with Ensemble Modern (auditor), TWS Tokyo, 2011;
Kensuke Koike, "Quotidiana 011" workshops, Padova, 2011;
Annette Knol, “Availabism”, Padova, 2012;
Freda Fairchild, “non toxix print”, Paducah (Kentucky, USA) 2012;

(workshop as teacher):

"Crash or Plug - Conflict "European Community Project" - Padova (IT); S.A.D.O.workshop"-ImFlieger Crossbreeds Festival (Chocolate factory - Wien AT- 03/05014>07/06/014); "Share a secret" (Dalton International School And SchoolVest - Dordtecht - NL - jun 2013);
“the sound of home” & “Scribble birds” - Metropolis Elementary School (Metropolis, Illinois, USA, oct 2012) + Oscar Street After School Classes (Paducah, Kentucky,USA, nov 2012)


Curatorships experiences (2005/2010):

Digitalia, with Studioazzurro (Paolo Rosa) and G.A.I, Italy
Violeta Lopiz, noloco no profit gallery, Padova, Italy
Emanuela Biancuzzi, noloco no profit gallery, Padova, Italy
Antonio Guiotto, noloco no profit gallery, Padova, Italy
Silke De Vivo, noloco no profit gallery, Padova, Italy
Severine Gallardo, noloco no profit gallery, Padova, Italy


Salernoinvita, Salerno, Italy, july-agoust 2009;
Nes Residency, Skagastrond, Iceland, september-october 2011;
Cornaro Institute Residency, Larnaca, Cyprus, november 2011- december 2012;
AwA gallery– Amsterdam, 8>24/07/12;
Paducah Art in Residence; Paducah, KY, USA, 01/10/12 > 7/11/12;
Dordtyart Residency, Dordecht, NL, 01/04/13>30/06/13;
Vytlacil Residency, Sparkill - Art Student Art League, New York- USA, 01/02/14>28/02/14


Art field Experiences:

2000 / 2005: composer of music for radio/tv commercials and fairs;
2003 / 2010: cultural operator for the Concillourship of Youth Policies of Padova's Municipality;
2003 / 2010: audioart teacher in the Course for Curator of “A+A” Gallery, in Venice;
2003 / 2010: director of a private no-profit contemporary art space “noloco studio”, in Pd - Italy;


"Portait of an artist as a young blog" 98pg - L.A.Case Editor (ebook - online shops - print on demand - 2014)

DordtYart - Docoumentatie 2013; (online)
Catalogo Premio Celeste 2013, Celeste Ed.;
Metropolis Weekly Planet, 07/11/2012, pg.2b, interview by M.Longworth;
Paducah Sun, 22/11/2012, pg 22, interview by L.Black;
Exibart-onpaper n°77, review of "Wysinwyg", pg.65, april 2012;
Traverse Video, catalog, Toulouse, France, pg.75>77, 2011;
Archiviarti, catalog, ed. Fabbrica Borroni, Milan, Italy,pg.38>39, 2010;
XIII Conference Museums of Veneto, Venice, Italy, pg.61>68, 2010;
El PAis, interview (about italian emerging art), 19/07/2010;
"92°Collettiva Bevilacqua la Masa", catalog, Ed. Grafiche Veneziane, Venice, Italy, pg. 56-57, Venice, 2009; 
"On Air - video in onda dal''Italia", catalog, Galleria Comunale Monfalcone, Italy, pg.115-219-254, 2004 
"Q13 - visual art and music project", catalog, Centro Culturale Candiani, Mestre (Venice), Italy, pg.35, 2003
Quotidiana'02, Italian Young Artist Archive (GAI), catalog, pg.70>73, 2002;
"Segnali all'Orizzonte 2001", catalog, Italian Young Artist Archive (GAI), Padova, Italy,catalog, pg.36-37, 2001;


Laguna Art Prize - Telecom Future Center "creativity special award" - 2014
"Ruth Katzman Scholarship Fund" - 2014 - Vytlacil Residency at Sparkill- NY - USA;
"NES artist residency - community project grant", NES Residency, Skagastrond, Iceland, 2011;
"Il viaggiatore lento" – Contest for urban architecture, G.A.I. - Ferrara (Italy), special mention, 2009;
"Movin'up" - Giovani Artisti Italiani (2008 - project Digitalmedia-Valencia,Spain);
(selected for)"La sQuola" ed.2009 - Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (Italy);


Consevatorio Malipiero (PD-IT) (private music academy) - 1984/1990
MBO - Liceo Classico Tito Livio /high school (classical studies) - 1986/1995
College in Restauration of Cultural Heritage - 1996/2000
European Master in Web-Design (Financied by U.E) - 2000/2001