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Stretching Originated Drone Orchestra
[site specific workshop + show project]

An aural and relational research, which builds moments of social sounds represented in a form, now commonly digital, but through the use of analog instruments, played by older members of a community. Heroic and harmonious lamentations on the cruelty of modern life.


In May 2014, in Vienna, I met a group of kind ladies. With them - and with the support of the festival ImFlieger - I've started my latest project: a noise electroacoustic performance named "SADO - Stretching analog drone orchestra." The five performers did gymnastics - through the use of tools that I created - while contributing to the stratification of analog sounds and the achievement of a white noise.

In this project - which I'm proposing to nursing homes for the elderly in small and large towns - the artistic activity is combined with the physical and pedagogical one. During my period of residence in the structures I will build on-site instruments on the measures of the body of the performer, but I will also organize activities and teaching workshops of soundart, managing the organizational requirements necessary premises for the subsequent development of the project (the formation of an audio engineer to work alongside the group of performers and instrumentation) and of course prepare the final performance at work and documentation of the entire process.