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"The blackboard series (1/2/3)"


"the idea of art"

"Akousmata - micro monument tribute to McLuhan"

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"The sounds of my home"

"Global Fear Fun"

"Portable Cage Connection"

"Sound of thousand scratches"


"Alarm Mode"



"Detuning music creatures"



"Male Magnum"

"Voices for the invisibles"

"Words like stones"



"Wysiwyg trylogy"

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WYSIWYG Trilogy - Videotrack project

There was a time in my life in which I produced works of art, especially video, with the aim to communicate my idea, my perception, without margin of error. Denying to accept any liberal interpretation of my product.Then I understood. What is lacking in this society it is the free interpretation. Art must be able to return the viewer with the magic moments of free thought. The moment when the mind wanders. Now I follow the difficult task of creating the video without message, without narration. Videos really devoid of any hint to their meaning. Moments to clear your mind.(follows text)





WYSIWYG I: what is the boundary between truth and triviality? And between entarteinment, art, and mass hypnosis? What is the minimum amount of stimulation needed for a cultural self-conscious society? In the information sistem as in language of advertising, in all mass media as into everyday life, "what you see is what you get" remains an unfulfilled promise.
Even in this video.

WYSIWYG II: this, in particular, is a work based on the Fibonacci numerical sequence, where the picture and sound come together in a highly hypnotic product.

WISYWYG III: a short video that uses sound field recording made in Tokyo in 2011. I think no other comment are required.(SEE WHISPERING WOOD IN INSTALLATION section)