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“Il vento fa il suo giro” (the wind goes round and round) 

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The site specific installation “il vento fa il suo giro” (“the wind goes round and round”) draws inspiration from a suggestion of the author, who arriving at the exhibition place noted outside the figure of a woman who surrounds a phoenix (wanted by the Venetian government in 1530 as a symbol of rebirth at the time of the reconstruction of the city destroyed in 1509 by the same Venetians) and above all to the current conditions of space, that is still in a state of semi-abandonment and occupied by colonies of birds, which cover the surfaces of guano and feathers. However, the historical reference to the work formally refers to the history of the market in padua and the area for birds trade, already flourishing in the early renaissance as evidenced by the name of the scale dedicated to the birds (“scala dei oséi” -tr. “The Bird’s staircase”). The title of the work refers to an ancient Occitan proverb which means “everything comes back”.

The artist, in a performative action, recorded on site the sound of various corrugated plastic tubes quickly swirled (the “whirling tube”, a game for children that has become an instrument used also by contemporary composers). Then Lazzaretto used these samples to compose the sound that was diffused in the environment. To require viewers a further transformative action of space, the artist has also built a series of electrical and manual machines which spin the above-mentioned tubes, producing sound (machinery born of transformation of home device) and adding further sound layers to the diffused audio. By transfiguring space, changing the silent Savonarola Monumental Door into a sound environment that recalls a little cosmic aviary, amplified by the reverberation of time and similar to a drone, this work has given the passerby an unprecedented sensory exploration of this historic building.

[Environmental installation, site specific, variable dimensions, stereo 2 channels, various materials (induction motors, rubber, wood, corrugated plastic pipes), 2019, Italy]