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“The sound of thousand scratches”

In the first performance i’ve played an instrument I’ve made, composed of various pick-up connected to a table, a midi drum-pad and a double amplified bamboo-stick. I’ve been drawing for two different section of 50 + 55 minutes, trying to reach 1000 scratches made on paper and building a noise-music ambience, in the same time. All the drawings have been removed from the surface and throwed down in the lower room, where someone picked up the drawings and putted them on the wall. The performance was visible only for the most curious visitors, who reached the room farest from the entrance. This work has been printed and it’s available in vinyl (45′ – n°3 signed copies).

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In the second performance (during the opening of “SINGLE” by Jasa, A+A gallery) I’ve been drawing for 100 minutes, trying again to reach 1000 scratches on a single sheet, filling it completely. I’ve played the same table, but with few pick up and without the midi drum-pad. The only two piezo were only one the pen and another on the table, amplifying the sound of people stomping onto the table. Anyway the position choosen for this performance was indeed in the corner were people had to stomp to get off the big stair that Jasa built to invert the vision of my exhibition, as agreed togeter before during the project planning. So after a while, the sound of the pen (going into Luka’s soundsystem and then processed live) and the noise of people stomping over the table . paper and building a noise-music ambience, in the same time destroying my drawing. When the sound reached the peak and the sheet was full (in the same moment) the starting performance of Jasa begin slowly “eating” the sound of my performance. I’ve eft there the drawing to be completely destroyed after a while.