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:: statement ::

My research is an inner journey and a flâneur loitering in the folds of the society in which I live, in the search for balance and acceptance, fascinated by the process of uncovering the secrets and taboos, which manifest themselves as religious and political paradigms  that  inhibit  a  correct social inclusion, most of self expression and sometimes even truth. Despite all the difficulties and contradictions that I’ve encountered during my research, I’m not tired yet neither disillusioned, because I get my stimulus through new relationship with local communities and the audience, converting their reaction and questions into suggestion for new works.

I make use of sound elements as integral and fundamental part of my installations: sometimes the sound message is antithetical to the visual system, but it is always the conceptual heart of my work. The kaleidoscopic beauty of music, the penetrating narrative power of noises, the re-discovery of the magic inherent in the word are merely instruments of this travel. Sound is everything. The first thing we hear in our mom’s belly. The last glimmer of consciousness just before we die. We don’t have eyelids for our ears. And toward any sound message, we are naked, without defense.

Although – thematically – I’m developing my artistic research between the critical analysis of specific social problems and an almost antithetical contemplation and exaltation of ephemeral poetic moments of life, I have always thought that art is one expiatory stratagem, mechanism of revelation, functional apparatus to share the intimate, beyond the RPG artist-work-spectator. For this reason often, lately, my works have had to issue the shared secrets or the reconnaissance and the tribute to what has been hidden or forgotten.

Beside, although if I should qualify myself as a multiplatform artist, my main mean of communication is aural: sound installations, noise performances, field recordings, music composition. Anyway, aware that the understanding of my artworks may take time and trust, often next to my production I combine also the practice of drawing in a simple and gestural form, as well as video production (mainly digital animations) or performative actions, and I do this as a sort of medium of exchange to facilitate relationships with the public.